About Us

Marl’e By Design sort of became an accidental career for me but, has always been a childhood dream. I had already received my degree in Medical Office Management and was well on my way back to college to study Nursing when I received my calling. Birthed in 2014 out of the corner of our bedroom and started selling out the truck of our car.

I’ve always admired fashion and have followed the trends my whole life. I remember doing fun family fashion shows with my family, play dress-up, and somehow it ended up being a comedy show! With Marl’e By Design, I wanted to empower women to love the skin they are in by showing women how to walk in confidence with the right clothes for their body type, shape, and style.

Marl’e originated from my sweet grandmother's named Marlee, but when I had my daughter, I decided to change it to Marl’e. Aleigha Marl'e was born 2lbs and 2oz and was on the verge of not being here, but I witnessed an amazing miracle in her and she is one of the reasons why I strive for excellence today. I wouldn’t have made it without the wonderful support of my husband, family, and customers.

Marl’e By Design's core mission is to provide “The Innocence Of Elegance”. Our vision is to provide customers with the best customer care services and the best quality of clothing at affordable prices. I just want to help women be their own beauty by letting them express their individual personality through clothing.
Marl’e By Design appreciates each and every one of you! Thank you for supporting this small family business!